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Getshine Instant Water Heater Market Analysis Report

Instant water heaters are the development direction of the water heater market. With reference to foreign experience, in Europe and Southeast Asia, it was once the world of gas and water storage. After nearly 20 years of development, the market for instant electric water heaters has a market share of 80%. In terms of market demand, the annual domestic demand for instant electric water heaters is between 1 million and 1.5 million units. This phenomenon is consistent with the signs before the rapid growth of the gas-fired water heater and storage-type electric water heater market, and it also means that the rapid electric water heater market will usher in an unprecedented surge of opportunities. Instant electric water heaters will become the mainstream product of China's water heaters.

Instantaneous water heaters are restricted by factors such as production technology, process, and safety. Currently, there are about 50 brands on the market. According to market monitoring data analysis, the top 10 brands have a market share of about 80%, which is similar to other home appliances. In comparison, brand concentration is relatively low. Among the top 10 brands, Autoram occupies 1/3 of the market share, followed by Getzny, Yongshanghua and Xiaoai to form the first group. See the table below for the ranking of instant electric water heaters in the first quarter of 2005.

Ranking brand sales share sales share1 Autoram 35.77% 33.26%   2 Getzny 12.00% 13.24%   3 Yongshanghua 7.47% 10.64%   4 Xiaoai 4.91% 6.58%   5 Haus 6.66% 5.61% 6   3.46% 5.48%   7 Knox 3.71% 4.21%   8 Baihui 2.76% 3.27%   9 Formi 3.64% 3.24%   10 Bonnington 1.95% 2.78%    other 39 brands 17.67% 11.69%

At present, the sales ratio of instant electric water heaters in the Chinese market only accounts for 19%, while the sales ratio in the international market has reached 50%. It is predicted that in the next 5 years, the sales ratio of instant electric water heaters in the Chinese market will reach 60%. This shows that instant electric water heaters have extremely broad market prospects in China.

The market is not static, but the water heater industry "gas, electricity, and solar power disputes" is the most fierce. As people’s requirements for the quality of life increase, the market for some simple, outdated, and immature water heater products will gradually shrink: Due to the limitations of their own structural design, gas-fired water heaters can hardly escape the blame for indoor air. It is known as the number one killer of life due to gas leaks. There are more than 20 million old gas-type water heaters still in use on the market. The amount is huge, and the potential danger is shocking; solar water heaters have not yet completely overcome the technical difficulties, in winter. Excessive energy saving" makes it difficult to achieve the ideal bath water temperature and reflects the maximum efficiency of the product. Products with achievable environmental protection functions and high electronic level are the direction of future development. We have confidence in the future prospects of instant electric water heaters.

However, the current mainstream storage-type electric water heaters are huge, have a long warm-up time, and have limited hot water storage capacity, which is no longer suitable for the rhythm of modern life. Instant electric water heaters truly represent the development direction of the water heater industry for their fast heating, compact and beautiful, convenient and energy-saving, safe and reliable. As technology continues to mature, costs continue to decrease, and product prices continue to fall, it is expected that in the next three to five years, fast electric water heaters will completely replace small and medium-sized storage-type electric water heaters, ushering in explosive market growth.

No fear of dry-burning electricity leakage: The safety problem caused by the early "straight-discharge" gas water heater is the most criticized by users. Getshny instant electric water heater completely circumvents this. : Safe and seamless thermal conductivity heating system. The heater is completely isolated from electricity and water, realizing zero loss during dry heating. In any application, there will be no over-temperature short-circuit or breakage on the surface of the electric heating tube heater, and the safety details can be said to be foolproof.

Shorter warm-up time: Can Getshine instant electric water heaters have a shorter warm-up time and higher efficiency than gas-based electric water heaters? The imported intelligent constant temperature technology can quickly realize the set water temperature and ensure the constant temperature. The memory function of the product is more humane than the gas water heater-each time it is turned on, it will automatically adjust to the last set temperature to ensure a more comfortable bath.

Low power and high efficiency: Getshine instant electric water heaters operate at low power under normal conditions of water inlet temperature (above 15 degrees Celsius). It heats up immediately without waiting for preheating, and the average power consumption rate is lower than that of traditional water heaters. Similarly, the use of a unique seamless thermal conductor will be more energy efficient than similar products. Cixi Gesini Electric Co., Ltd. is a leader in the industries of instant electric water heaters, small kitchen treasures, and electric faucets.

Looking back on the development process of Getshine's instant electric water heater industry in 2014, "bundance" should be the most appropriate adjective in 2014. With the increasing living standards and fast-paced lifestyle, Getshine electric water heaters have become an indispensable home product for people moving to new homes and decorating kitchens and bathrooms. More and more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and safe water heater products are sought after by more consumers-whoever has a product positioning that meets such a market entry point will have sufficient competitiveness and self-confidence to take the lead in the industry. The Getshine instant water heater is one of the most Centrino dark horses.
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