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Ge Shini that hot water heater market analysis report

Tankless water heaters, water heaters is the development direction of the market. Referring  to the experience of foreign countries in Europe and Southeast Asia,  was once dominated by gas and storage water, electric hot water heater  market after nearly 20 years of development, the share of 80%. From the market in terms of demand, domestic electric hot water heater in the one million annual demand for 1.5 million units. This  phenomenon of gas water heaters and water heaters market before signs  consistent high growth also means fast electric water heater market will  usher in an unprecedented opportunity skyrocketing. Tankless water heaters, electric water heaters, China will become a mainstream product.

Tankless  water heater production technology and processes, security and other  factors that are subject to the current market sales of the brand in 50  or so, according to market monitoring data analysis, former Top 10 brand  market share of around 80%, with other home appliances phase ratio,  brand concentration is relatively low, the first 10 brands, Autran  occupy 1/3 of the market share, Ge Shini, the Ningbo flowers, Iverson  followed by the formation of the first group. In 2005 a quarter of the water heater that is ranked in the table below.

Top brand sales share sales share

1 Autran 35.77% 33.26%

2 Ge Shini 12.00% 13.24%

7.47% 10.64% spend 3 Ningbo

4 Iverson 4.91% 6.58%

5 House 6.66% 5.61%

6 Sidi wind 3.46% 5.48%

7 Knox 3.71% 4.21%

8 million Hui 2.76% 3.27%

9 Fuer Mi 3.64% 3.24%

Bonin Dayton 10 1.95% 2.78%

The other 39 brands 17.67% 11.69%

China's market that is hot-water heater sales ratio is only 19%, while the international market sales ratio reached 50%. It is predicted that in the next five years, the Chinese market that is hot-water heater sales ratio will reach 60%. This indicates that the water heater in China there is a very broad market prospects.

The market is not static, but the water heater industry, "gas, electricity, solar energy dispute" the most intense. With  the improvement of people's quality of life, some simple, functional  backward, immature water heater market will gradually shrink: Due to the  limitations of their structural design, gas water heaters for indoor  air blame. It  is due to a gas leak first killer known as life, the old gas water  heaters currently on the market is still in use more than 20 million  units, a huge amount, potentially dangerous shocking; solar water heater  has not been fully overcome technical difficulties in the winter. " excessive energy ", it is difficult to achieve the desired bath temperature, maximum performance reflects the product. Have environmental features can be achieved, a high level of  electronic products is the future direction of development, we have  confidence that the water heater future prospects.

The  current prevailing huge body of water heaters, long warm-up time,  limited water storage capacity, the rhythm of modern life is no longer  applicable. Tankless  electric water heater with its heating fast, compact, easy energy  saving, safe and reliable, truly represents the development direction of  the water heater industry. As technology continues to mature, continue to lower costs, product  prices continued to fall, the next three to five years, the rapid  electric water heater will replace the small volume of storage water  heaters, ushered in the explosive growth of the market.

Without  fear of dry leakage: Gas Water Heater early "vertical-type" security  problems most users criticized 格仕尼 electric hot water heater completely  avoid this. : Safety seamless thermal conductivity heating system. Its heater water completely isolated, truly dry zero losses. Heater will not appear on the heater surface class overtemperature  short fracture phenomena in any application, it can be said the security  detail is foolproof.

Warm-up time is shorter: 格仕尼 Tankless electric water heater can do shorter than gas preheat class, higher performance it? Import smart thermostat technology can quickly achieve the set temperature to ensure a constant temperature lasting. Memory products more humane than the gas water heater - automatically  adjust to the last set temperature to ensure a more comfortable bath  after each boot.

Low  power high performance: 格仕尼 Tankless electric water heater into the  water temperature at normal conditions (15 degrees Celsius) to run at  lower power. It means  that the heat does not require preheating wait, the average power  consumption rate than traditional water heater is low. Similarly, the use of a unique seamless thermal conductors, energy efficiency will be more than similar products. Cixi Ge Shini Electric Co., Ltd. is a focus on electric hot water  heater, Kitchen Po, electric faucet and other industry leaders.

Review  of 2014 on 格仕尼 electric hot water heater industry in the development  process, "Harvest" 2014 should be the most appropriate adjective. With  rising living standards and fast-paced lifestyle, Geshi Ni electric  water heater has become a new house, renovated kitchen essential home  products. More  and more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe water  heater products sought after by more consumers - whose product  positioning in line with this market entry point, who have enough  self-confidence in the industry's competitiveness and lead. And Ge Shini water heater, it is a most Centrino horse.

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